Top 10 cheapest medical schools in Philippines 

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The rising costs of medical schools have students eagerly searching for the cheapest medical universities. Having known this challenge which aspiring medical student are facing, in this article, we have done an extensive research and brought you the cheapest medical schools in Philippines.

We will proceed by providing details on the best universities in the Asian country for students on a budget. These universities may not be known at all, but they will deliver quality. Each university on the list combines quality and affordability, including the cost of living in that country. 

Before we go ahead to list the Affordable universities in Philippines, lets look at the medical courses offered in Philippines.

Medical Courses Offered in Philippines

Here is a list of medical courses offered in Philippines:

  • Doctor of Medicine

  • Bachelor of Science Basic Medical Sciences

  • MD-PhD (Molecular Medicine)

  • PhD in Biochemistry

  • Master of Science in Biochemistry

  • Master of Science in Bioethics

  • Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology

  • Master of Science in Clinical Medicine

  • Child Health

  • Family Medicine

  • Medical Oncology

  • Obstetrics-Gynecology

  • Surgery

  • Master of Science in Genetic Counseling

  • Master of Science in Health Informatics (Medical Informatics Track)

  • Master of Science in Medical Anthropology

  • Master of Science in Pharmacology

  • Master of Science in Physiology

  • Master of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Master in Clinical Audiology

  • Master in Clinical Medicine

  • (Medical Oncology)

  • Master of Medical Anthropology

  • Master in Orthopedics

  • Diploma in Bioethics

  • Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology

  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine

  • (Child Health, Family Medicine, Obstetrics-Gynecology)

  • Diploma in Physiology

  • Certificate Program in Biochemistry etc.

Let’s look at some of the documents required to study in the Philippines.

Some of The Documents Necessary For The Student To Take Admission In Mbbs Colleges In Philippines:

Below is a list of the necessary documents needed:

  • Birth certificate

  • Valid passport

  • 10th standard mark sheet and pass certificate

  • 12th standard mark sheet and pass certificate

  • Transcripts (10-12 standards + undergraduate if applying for PG) (photocopies which will be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy)

  • Recent photographs

  • 2 Letters of Recommendation

  • English Proficiency Test – may be required for some top institutes

  • Certificate of Eligibility for Admission to Medicine (CEAM), the cost of which is PHP 1000

  • Medical Health Certificate including Chest X-ray, Fecalysis, Urinalysis, CBC (photocopies which will be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy)

  • PRC Board Rating Certificate if exam has been given

  • Police Clearance (photocopies which will be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy).

Why choose to study in the Philippines?

Here are Reasons why you should study in Philippines:

  • Education in the Philippines is based on the US education system. So, one of the main focus areas is problem-based learning methodology.

  • The Philippines awards you an internationally recognized Medical degree. Students can apply for USMLE and practice in the US after completion of the medical course.

  • Medical schools place a strong focus on hands-on learning, giving students opportunities to examine, diagnose, and prescribe cases. This boosts their confidence and knowledge.

  • Filipinos are known for their warm hospitality and helpful nature.

List of the cheapest Medical Schools in Philippines

Listed below are low-cost Medical Schools in the Philippines:

  • The Cagayan State University (CSU)

  • The University of Northern Philippines (UNP)

  • Bicol Christian College of Medicine.

  • AMA school of medicine.

  • St. Luke’s College of Medicine 

  • Cebu Doctors’ University.

  • Our Lady of Fatima university.

  • Central Philippine University (CPU)

  • Saint Mary’s University

  • University of Santo Tomas (UST).

Top 10 cheapest medical schools in Philippines

#1. The Cagayan State University (CSU)

  • Location: Tuguegarao city, cagayan, philippines

  • Tuition Fees: $15,550 

  • Motto: Ad Optimum Educans (Educating for the best)

  • Founded year: 11 June 1978.

Cagayan State University (Pamantasan Ng Pampamahalaan ng Cagayan) is the largest state institution of higher learning in the Cagayan Valley Region. 

This university has made architectural upgrades to inspire better expectations among its underprivileged students, including new buildings and comfort rooms on all campuses

On its nine campuses, it has a population of 32,000 people.

(CSU) ranked 126th in the Philippines and 10986th in the World 2023 overall rankings with an acceptance rate of 93%.


#2. The University of Northern Philippines (UNP)

  • Location: Vigan city, Ilocos sur, philippines

  • Tuition fees: $10,800

  • Motto: One Heart, One Soul, One Family

  • Founded year: June 19, 1965

The University of Northern Philippines (UNP) is a non-profit higher education institute that offers education services at a very affordable rate and mainly aims to enlighten the underprivileged students. It’s the oldest and first university in northern Luzon dating back to 1906.The University of Northern Philippines ranked 7686 in the world 2023 0verall rankings with an acceptance rate of 100%.

The academic excellence that UNP upholds together with its motto of “Honesty, Humility, Hard Work” has not only attracted students from all over the country but from abroad as well. Its school of medicine is where some Nepalese students prefer to receive training.


#3.  Bicol Christian College of Medicine

  • Location: 85 Rizal St, old Albay district, Legazpi city, 4500 Albay, Philippines

  • Tuition fees: $12,500.00

  • Motto: God heals, we serve

  • Founded year: 1980

In 1980 Bicol Christian College of Medicine was founded by Dr. Damaceno J. Ago, the first president of AMEC-BCCM. This medical college is commonly called Ago Medical Education Center, it’s one of the oldest medical universities in the Philippines for International students. Bicol christian College of Medicine has a vision of quality medical care and wellness for patients, families and communities. Bicol Christian College of Medicine is the pioneering medical institution and one of the great producers of the best and brightest professionals in the field of medicine in the Bicol region. 

This Medical College is affiliated with Government hospitals and provides teaching and practicing methods, this will make the students compete with the global level.


#4. Ama School Of Medicine

  • Location: Makati, metro Manila, Philippines 

  • Tuition fees: $3263 

  • Motto: never rest on one’s laurels

  • Founded year: October 20, 1980

AMA school of medicine organized and founded by Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V in 2008. It is located in  Makati, Philippines. 

The entire Courses are taught in English medium and the duration of courses is 6 years. Students at  AMAZON experience a great ambience and time during the entire duration of their studies. 

Many cultural and sports activities are organized on the campus for keeping the students  entertained and mentally & physically fit.



#5. St. Luke’s College of Medicine 

  • Location: Santander Ignaciana St, kalusugan, quezon City, metro Manila, Philippines 

  • Tuition fees: $20,940

  • Motto: take care, someone needs you

  • Founded year: 1994

St. Luke’s College of Medicine is one of the medical schools in the Philippines. Established in 1994 as  the medical school of the St. Luke’s Medical Center (est. 1903), it offers a 5-year Curriculum leading  to the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD), assuring a one-year internship program at the Medical  Center. SLCM-WHQM is duly accredited by the Commission on Higher Education. 

For 22 years, the St. Luke’s College of Medicine – William H. Quasha Memorial (SLCM-WHQM) has  been continuously edifying the finest medical professionals in the country. The realization of what  was once an idea of Atty. William H. Quasha and the St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) Board of  Trustees came to fruition in 1994, known today as an institution that consistently produces highly  trained graduates with unique skill sets.


#6.  Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU)

  • Location: Mandaue city, Cebu, Philippines 

  • Tuition fees: $10,160 

  • Motto: let him first be a man

  • Founded year: 1974

Cebu Doctors’ University, abbreviated as CDU, is a private university located in Mandaue City. Founded on 17 may 1975, The university has 7 educational buildings developed for lectures and practicing for the students. Cebu Doctors University is one of the leading Medical Colleges in the Philippines. It can  cover more than 8000 students every year for medical education.


#7.  Our Lady of Fatima university

  • Location: 120 McArthur highway, Valenzuela city, metro Manila, Philippines 

  • Tuition fees: $24,000

  • Motto: Truth and compassion

  • Founded year: 1973

Our Lady of Fatima College of Medicine was established in 1979, this university is one of the best institutions in the Philippines for medical education. Over 30,000 medical professionals have been degree holders from Our Lady of Fatima University since then, Our Lady of Fatima University ranked 89th in the Philippines. 

This Philippine university has a computer facility with internet connectivity to allow all medical students and researchers to network and conduct medical research. A total of five buildings of the university are equipped with the most advanced medical lab equipment required by the Board of Medical Education.


#8. Central Philippine University

  • Location: Jaro, Iloilo city, Iloilo Philippines 

  • Tuition fees: $24,000 

  • Motto: Scientia et Fides (Latin, Science and Faith)

  • Founded year: 1 October 1905

Central Philippine University is Established in 1905,  (also known as CPU) is a private university in Iloilo City Philippines, It is ranked #701-750 in Asian University  Rankings 2023. The university has professional teachers, professors and doctors. Central Philippine University provides its medical students with a strong and thorough medical foundation. Central Philippine university is internationally known not only for its exemplary  Christian professionals but also for its hospitality to everyone who enters its portals from whichever  part of the globe they may have come. 


#9. University of Santo Tomas (UST)

  • Location: EspañA Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines 

  • Tuition: $12,000

  • Motto: Truth in charity 

  • Founded year: 1611

University of Santo Tomas is a top private Catholic university, founded in 1611 under the patronage  of Saint Thomas Aquinas. (UST) is the oldest existing university in Asia. 

The university is surrounded by affordable living areas and easy access to cheap yet delicious  eateries and restaurants, The college also offers opportunities to go on medical missions for  students in impoverished areas to make medical help more accessible for these communities. 


#10. Ateneo de Manila University 

  • Location: Quezon city, metro manila, Philippines

  • Tuition fees: $6,073.2 

  • motto: Light in the lord

  • Founded year: 1859

Ateneo de Manila University commenced on 1859, the school was founded by the society of Jesus,  Ateneo is the third oldest University in the Philippines, Located in Quezon City Philippines. 

Ateneo offers programs at the elementary, secondary, undergraduate level It is ranked #651-700 in  QS World.  


FAQs About the Most Affordable Medical Schools in the Philippines

How long does it take to complete MBBS in Philippines?

It takes 6years. The program includes 5 years of medical education plus 1 year of Internship which can be pursued in campus itself.

Can I get direct admission in MBBS in Philippines?

International students with Bachelors Degree can take direct admission to study MBBS In Philippines.

How long does it takes to study medicine and surgery in Philippines?

It takes 6-7 years to study medicine and surgery in Philippines.

What are the interesting part about schooling in Philippines?

  • Philippines has the 3rd Largest Catholic Population
  • The People of the Philippines are some of the Most nicest in the World
  • Christmas in the Philippines Starts in September
  • Philippines has the Most Variety of Clams on Earth.
What’s The Meaning Of MBBS Ans?
MBBS means (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery).


In conclusion, medical universities in the Philippines give you nothing but quality and affordable education, and prepare students for their careers as medical degree holders.

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